BBQ Pig and Lamb

Make your event a success when you serve delicious local meats BBQ’d to perfection!

If you are planning an event or get together, serving a whole BBQ Pig or lamb is a great option. Both whole BBQ pigs and lambs are available to order year-round, in a range of weights.

Our BBQ pigs and lambs are naturally raised locally without added antibiotics or hormones. Whether spit-roasted over an open fire or grilled over hot coals, they are great for any event.

The earlier you book the better, but please reserve a minimum of 10 business in advance of your pickup date, so we can get the right size for you. We require a deposit of $100.00 to secure your order. The remainder of your payment is expected at time of pick up.

If you would like us to cook your BBQ pig or Lamb for you in our smokehouse, we offer this additional service for $200.00 + GST flat fee.


Available pig weights range from 30 lb – 200 lb, depending on the number of people and type of event.

25 to 35 $280.00 each
35 to 55 $300.00 each
55 to 80 $5.00 per lb
81 to 115 $4.50 per lb
Cook charge $200.00 /pig + GST

BBQ Lamb

Available lamb weights range from 45 lb – 55 lb, depending on the number of people and type of event.

BBQ Lambs are priced at $9.00 / lb.

Fresh, Frozen, or Cooked


If you ask us to have your BBQ Pig or Lamb fresh for pickup, the pig or lamb will be ready to cook for your event.


If you ask us to have your BBQ Pig or Lamb frozen for pickup your pig will be frozen.

*Depending on the size of the animal, it will take anywhere from 2-3 days to thaw for cooking.


If you ask us to cook your BBQ Pig or Lamb in our smokehouse, for an additional $200.00 + GST flat fee, the pig or lamb will be ready to eat upon pickup.

*We do not provide delivery of the animal, so you will need to arrange pick up.

How to Get Started

Determine the weight of pig or lamb to order

As a general rule, allow 1 lb per person attending when determining what weight to order. If you want leftovers, or are unsure about your numbers, you may want to order a larger size.

For example, a party for 80 people may need an 80 lb BBQ Pig.

Complete the BBQ Pig or Lamb Order Form

You will receive an email copy of your pig or lamb order to the email provided upon completion of the form.

We will contact you within 48-hours for payment of the deposit invoice. This will be deducted from the final cost upon pickup.


Pick up & Cook your pig or lamb

There are multiple services in the Comox Valley that provide cooking equipment rentals or the service of cooking your animal.

We do not provide any off-site cooking or delivery. Pick your pig or lamb up during business hours, Monday through Saturday.

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