Hit List

Please only complete your hit list after receiving your hanging weights after slaughter.

Completed Hit Lists will be emailed directly to Gunter Brothers. You will receive a copy of your Hit List by email.

Please enter weights as follows using one line per order. For example, if your animals hanging weight was 600 lb:

  • Whole: 600 lb
  • Side: 1/2 600 lb
  • Split Side (Quarter): 1/4 600 lb

If you have any questions about this process, please call the store for more information at 250-334-2960, or email [email protected].

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • (Processing includes cut/wrap/freeze, cure and sausages)
  • Please use the hanging animal weights you received by email to fill out this portion of the form. Use the + to add multiple customers.
    Weight (lbs)Customer NamePhone NumberRCVD (Office use only) 
  • -I confirm that I have reviewed my order.
    -I understand orders not picked up within 30days of pickup notification may incur an additional storage fee at pickup.
    -I understand orders left unattended after 90 days may be considered abandoned and subject to disposal.