Gunter Brothers Meats supports your Community Group Fundraising

Gunter Bros Fundraising Case Sales is a great way for your team, school class, community or volunteer group to raise money, while providing a product that people need and enjoy.

Gunter’s Meats will provide top grade, oven, and BBQ ready frozen meat packs ready for pick up. Your group can offer customers a valued item at a reasonable price, and your group will earn a profit of $5-$10 per case sold!

Your upfront investment to run the fundraiser is zero; just gather the orders and fees, and you pay the cost AFTER you collect the funds!

We provide the necessary forms for your individual fundraisers to fill out, as well as a master sheet for you to complete and return to us. Once we’ve received the master sheet, we will prepare your order for pick up. 

Fundraiser campaigns are open for registration to run January – September.

How to Get Started


Complete your Fundraiser Registration to receive your forms package, to track sales.


Your group members will sign up case buyers and collect the fees. This period is typically 1-2 weeks.


Close your sales, and submit your orders and fees to Gunter Brothers. We will arrange a date for pick up, and you alert your purchasers when ready.


1. How long does a typical fundraiser run for? Typically, fundraising campaigns run from 1 to 2 weeks.

2. What is the turnaround time from the time the master sales sheet is submitted, until the orders are ready for pick up? Depending on the size of the fundraiser, we can have the orders ready to pick up within two weeks of order submission. We made need more time for larger fundraisers. Once we receive the master sheet, you will be provided with a pick up date.

3. When is payment due for the cost of the fundraiser? Payment is needed prior to the pickup date. Please remember your organization retains the profits. Payment can be made by cash, debit, cheque, Visa or MC.

4. Who should pick up the fundraiser? Due to the nature of the item, and it needing to be properly stored in freezers, we suggest each individual purchaser come to pick up their items on the decided pick up date.

5. How big are the cases? All the cases are 10lbs, except pepperoni. The pepperoni cases are 5lb.